MEC Awarded Contract for New Naseem A ‘Sabah Development in Muscat, Oman

Muscat: A new waterfront development project worth almost half a billion Omani rials will be developed in Muscat as part of the 2040 vision.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Nasser Al Mahrizi has signed an agreement with Amouage Hotels and Resorts Chairman Mamas Christodoulides, to develop the project in North Al Mawaleh Beach in Wilayat Seeb.

Named Naseem A’Sabah, a 400,000 square metre project worth OMR400 million, it will be an Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC), which consists of more than 1,200 residential units, five star hotels, retail zones and a yacht club, as well as leisure zones and restaurants.

Christodoulides said the vision is to develop for the Naseem A’Sabah project as a complete ITC project.

The Naseem A’Sabah project will provide true value that expresses culture, tradition, architecture and the Omani environment. “It will also provide job opportunities for Omanis,” the official added.

The Naseem A’Sabah’ project is located on the northern shore of Al Mawaleh in A’Seeb in the Muscat Governorate.

The project will cover a total area of 400,000 square metres and will be built through two stages. The construction work for the first phase will start by next year.

The project will be built by a renowned team of international architects, engineers and consultants and as a residential tourism complex with high quality services and international quality standards; and will keep in mind important factors, such as sustainability, environment, the Omani culture and people.

Naseem A’Sabah will also have a world-class five-star hotel within its premises, and a business hotel with a total capacity of 600 rooms.

In addition to 696 units of world-class design and quality, a marina and yacht club, as well as a thriving mixed-use resort village comprising restaurants, cafes, shops and commercial outlets, office suites, various restaurants, and many other recreational and service facilities, will also be a part of the project

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