Consultancy Services

Risk Management - Value - Integrity



Risk analysis is a key ingredient in all our services, we ensure a robust review of risks is undertaken at the onset of the project and thereafter managed on a regular basis. We offer, based on our wealth of experience, specific potential risk mitigation strategies that can be implemented throughout the project.

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Value Management allows us to seek out improvements that can provide opportunities to save money. We aim to create an atmosphere whereby improvement opportunities are identified in the function, design, material selection, construction techniques and more. We strive to deliver value for money in an ever increasing competitive market place through our experience and trusted cost benchmark information related to the Omani construction sector.

Auditing and Fund Monitoring

MEC is in a unique position to carry out independent auditing of construction accounts and fund monitoring on behalf of client bodies.

Insurance Replacement Valuations

We offer expertise in the valuing all types of property based on current construction costs for the purposes of ensuring adequate insurance cover of property remains in place. We also carry out inspections of claims made by contractors under their insurance policies with a view to ensuring that insurance companies arrive at fair assessments of each claim.

Claims Development / Support

Negotiation, avoidance, preparation, management & settlement of contractual claims on behalf of Employer’s, Contractor’s and Subcontractor’s either in house or working in conjunction with others.

"Risk management is not about future decisions, but about the future decisions we must take now"

– Robert N Charette