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Facilities Management

We offer a variety of facilities management consultancy services, delivering expert advice and innovative planning along this journey. Together we can work in partnership to develop strong leadership. Regardless the type and function we will review life cycle and replacement costs of all assets on the property or business.

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As your building gets older, they naturally start to deteriorate, we check & recommend cost saving ideas that significantly reduce your operating expense. Help you plan innovative maintenance strategies, and we continue giving support throughout the lifespan of your property.

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Our Solutions

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Our Facilities Management Consulting services include:

  • Hard & Soft FM Consulting
  • Specialist Service Consulting
  • Property/Portfolio Management
  • Bench Marking & Policies and Procedures Guidelines
  • QA QC Management
  • Defects Management
  • Energy Management
  • Space Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Control Management


Majan FM

  • We Manage & Deliver Facilities Management Support services
  • Continuous Ongoing Client Relationships
  • Total Facilities Management Solutions
  • International Multi Cultural Expertise
  • Soft & Hard Services Consulting
  • Specialist Services Consulting
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Total Facility Care

At MEC FM we have both the management expertise and service delivery experience this helps to maximise the usage of your resources and reducing operational costs. Apart from our ability to create synergies from the many services we provide, integration takes place between management levels and also between us and our client’s business.

Asset Register

A complete review of your fixed Asset, shows the value and quantity, within your business.


Look after your equipment, maintain for life. Increase the shelf life of your equipment's.

Key Performance Indicators

We can develop strategic Performance Indicators. That help you monitor the supplier's performance. Make them accountable for what they have priced.

Cost Saving Ideas

Our expertise can help develop cost saving ideas.

Energy Saving

We advise on simple solutions that save you money. Change your day to day behaviour.

Property Health Check

We can offer a free Health Check for your property which gives a quick indication of being fit for purpose.

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