Project Management

Knowledge - Creativity - Trust



Our internationally experienced project managers use their knowledge and creativity to actively manage time, cost and quality on your project. Delivery beyond your expectations is our goal. From our initial meetings, understanding your brief to completion and occupation of your facility, we provide strategic advice, motivation, clear communications and well managed data at all stages of the project. We are your team, you will be able to rely on us.

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By fostering cultures that value, nurture and rewards creative solutions our project managers will harness the project teams’ collective abilities to produce innovative solutions and strategies. The end result? Tangible and quantifiable improvements in delivery of your project.

We will guarantee you a team of qualified individuals with excellent track records of successfully delivering projects in both the public and private sectors. Not only are the team highly experienced in many aspects of construction, but they are equally personable, accountable, collaborative, and will strive to make the project an enjoyable experience for all.

"We are proud to offer an experienced team of qualified professionals. We actively develop the team skills to ensure we are able to provide the highest level of quality in the Omani market."

Shaping the future of Oman

We are investing in the development of our colleagues and trainees, aligning ourselves with the Oman 2040 Vision.

Our work streams are evolving to align with the needs of a growing nation, with a focus on infrastructure, schools, hospitals, tourism and energy provision. We are proud of our contribution to Oman’s growth, playing our part in delivering many of Oman’s iconic buildings. We are determined to play an active role in delivering the 2040 Vision.

Project Brief

Defining the clients requirements, and development of the Properties Asset whilst Summarising project objectives.

Planning & Strategy

Defining strategic planning, making smart decisions along the way.

Risk Management

Forecasting and evaluating financial Risk. Identifying procedures to avoid or reduce their impact.

Project Due Diligence

Management process designed to enable you to decide if projects should proceed. Enables you to manage social & economical risks.


We carry out programming methods that make construction processes easily tracked and followed.

Contract Administration

Manage Contracts our, personnel involved will negotiate, support & manage effective contracts.

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”

– Warren Bennis